Remote assistance in Windows 10

Some time you need to give a help … or get help from remote! As its predecessors, Windows 10 includes a cool Remote Assistance feature, that allows you to seek the help of a friend/technician in setting up your computer over the Internet. An alternative to Remote Assistance could be TeamViewer, but why install another SW when a functionality is already embedded in the OS? Let see how to configure the Remote Assistance, then …

  • First you need to set in Control Panel -> System and Security -> System – Remote settings the “Allow Remote Assistance connection to this computer“: you can simply access this window typing “Remote Assistance” in the Search bar and clicking on the found “Allows Remote Assistance invitation …” item.
    If the PCs are on the same network and/or you know the address assigned to it, you could use the Remote Desktop Connection application and, if so, you need to set, in the remote PC (always in the same System Properties window), the option Allow remote connections to this computer … but this is an other matter: now we are talking about giving a remote assistance to a PC on Internet, with an unknown IP address.
Enable Remote Assistance on the PC that needs help

Enable Remote Assistance on the PC that needs help

  • Then you have to run the Windows Remote Assistance client for invite someone you trust to help you or use the same client to help someone who has invited you. However, for some reason, MS doesn’t think this client should be in the All Programs, so you have to launch it from the Run windows (windows button + r) typing msra.exe and then clicking OK. If you use this feature frequently, it could be convenient to create a shortcut to this executable (C:\Windows\System32\msra.exe), right-clicking on the desktop background and choosing New->Shortcut and configuring it.
Run msra.exe, the Remote Assistance client

Run msra.exe, the Remote Assistance client

Create a shortcut for msra.exe

Create a shortcut for msra.exe

Create a shortcut for msra.exe (2)

Create a shortcut for msra.exe (2)

If you need more information on the Remote Assistance in Windows 10, you can also see the following links:


1/27/2016 NEW note: see also Microsoft Remote Desktop assistant, first version released on 1/27/2016 – The application will start and you can run the application by clicking Install. After this, launch the application and accept the license terms to begin setting up your PC for remote access.
After completing configuration you are now ready to use our Remote Desktop applications from another device to access your PC. To get started follow the instructions below for your specific device:

  1. Android
  2. iOS
  3. Mac
  4. Windows 10 (Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview app)
  5. Windows Phone
  6. Windows

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