How to take a screenshot with Windows Phone 8

Very often it is useful to take some screenshots from your Windows Phone 8, expecially if you are a developer and you need to make a manual of your app or simply some PowerPoint slides.

However also a consumer user can take benefit from this feature if he want to save as a picture, for example, some configuration page settings or some results coming from the browser or an app and possibly send in an email or an MMS.

… and it is very easy!!

As it is clearly written in this tips’ page, you have to navigate to whatever you want to capture a shot of and then press the lock/power and home (Windows) button at the same time.
If you’ve timed it right, you’ll then hear a camera snap and the image will float upwards into the digital ether.

Press the lock/power and home (Windows) button at the same time

Press the lock/power and home (Windows) button at the same time

Then, to find your screenshot, go into ‘photos’ and then ‘albums’. Here you’ll find a ‘screenshots’ sub-folder (‘schermate’, if you set the italian language in the phone).

 'photos' -> 'albums' -> 'screenshots' sub-folder

‘photos’ -> ‘albums’ -> ‘screenshots’ sub-folder

There are some more tips on this and this pages: have a look!

An other way to make a screenshot, however reserved for the developers, is to use one of the emulator capabilities as shown in thew following figure.

Screenshot using the emulator

Screenshot using the emulator

That’s all folks!


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