Windows 10 UWP programming utilities and tips

In the following I put some programming utilities and tips I used: it was a private post but I decided to makes it public so, may be,  it could be useful to someone else (even though it is not a well structured post 😦 … sorry for that!)


Two hidden gems in the Universal Windows Platform (from Minerva’s blog):

  • No more need of a BooleanToVisibilityConverter class: if we use the {x:Bind} markup extension (that was first introduced in the initial release of Windows 10), we can cast a Boolean property to a Visibility value directly in the XAML definition:
<Image Source="Assets/Favorite.png"        Visibility="{<strong>x:Bind (Visibility)</strong>ViewModel.IsFavorited}" />
<ListView ItemsSource="{x:Bind ViewModel.Samples}">
            <ItemsStackPanel <strong>ItemsUpdatingScrollMode="KeepLastItemInView"</strong> />


How to generate C# classes form JSON (or XML)

Download Web Essentials from the Visual Studio Gallery

To inspect JSON: Fiddler with JSONViewer plugin.

Quickly generate C# classes from JSON response (Download Web Essentials from the Visual Studio Gallery)


Past Special Past JSON Classes


If you have Web Essentials in Visual Studio, go to Edit => Paste special => paste JSON as class.

Other options are:




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