How to block and filter a phone number in Windows 10 Mobile

Sometime it is convenient to put one or more phone number in a black list in order to not be disturbed any more: too often now even a mobile number is used to forward commercial offers … and this is very very boring!

All smartphones have specific ways to do that and also in Windows 10 Mobile there is a way to do that very very easy … if you know how ;-)!!

If you go to Settings ->Telephone (IT: Impostazioni-> Telefono) and then in its section Predefined App (IT: App predefinite), you can see that there is a specific section that allows to specify the app you want to use to block and filter your incoming call/messages. By default it is listed the embedded app Block and filter (IT: Blocca e filtra) one (but further more could be available if you install other third-party app that can do that work). However, if you go in the app list, you won’t find an app with that name … because it is a feature embedded in the O.S. and so it is not listed! … this can be misleading …

Predefined apps

Predefined apps

Calls and messages

Calls and messages

However that this app exists can also be seen going to Settings -> Phone Calls (IT: Impostazioni -> Chiamate telefoniche) and then to its section where are listed the apps that are allowed to start a call (IT: Scegli le app che possono effettuare chiamate telefoniche)


Therefore: how to block a number for calls/messages? It is quite easy … from the Phone (IT: Telefono) app you have to touch and hold over the number you want to add in the black list (e.g. in the picture +39 02 9280 4999) and then select in the popup menù the Block number (IT: Blocca numero) item.

Touch and hold the number you want to add in the black list

Touch and hold the number you want to add in the black list

If you then click in the bottom menu of the Phone app you will find a voice menu to manage the blocked numbers (Blocked calls / Chiamate bloccate). Note that this menù item could not be available if no numbers were inserted in thet black-list.

Phone (IT: Telefono) app

Phone (IT: Telefono) app

wp_ss_20160908_0009 wp_ss_20160908_0008    wp_ss_20160908_0003For more information, see also this post .


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