The SIM is not recognized in a Windows 10 PC: a possible solution

I bought a ragged PC (8 inch IP67 WIFI BT4.0 3G GPS Windows 10 Home OS Smart Industrial Rugged Tablet PC) with Windows 10 but after inserting the SIM in the proper slot I cannot succeeded to make it works and it seems it is not seen at all (Insert SIM displayed in the Cellular section and even trying to configure manually an APN a popup says “The cellular device is missing or not working properly. Reconnect it and try again“. I had the same problem even after doing all the Windows updates.

I saw  but I did not find any particular setting that should be done to make the SIM be recognized …

wp_20170118_15_13_40_rich-low wp_20170118_15_14_03_rich-low wp_20170118_15_15_41_rich-low

The matter was that the SIM should be inserted with the cut angle on the outside side (so rotated of 180 degree respect as it usually happens in devices, in order to avoid a not appropriate insertion). Therefore in that PC the hook/unhook mechanism of the SIM works for whatever position the SIM is inserted … and I had misled.

… so be careful if you have the same problem!! 😉

Therefore, for that PC, the right insertion is this one and not the next one:

Right insertion if the SIM

Right insertion if the SIM (even though quite strange!)

Wrong insertion of the SIM (for that PC)

Wrong insertion of the SIM (for that PC)


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