Fetch files available on your PC from OneDrive site

I already wrote a post on the new useful files on-demand feature (ex place-holder) since the Windows 10 Fall Creator OneDrive. In the current post I will give some information about a furthermore new feature now available in OneDrive, that is the capability to possibly access and fetch from the OneDrive site, all files from a PC connected to Internet … without installing anything.

This is a feature different from either the Remote Assistance (*), to let someone you trust take over your PC and fix a problem, or  the Remote Desktop Connection, to let someone connect to a computer running Windows from another computer running Windows that’s connected to the same network or to the Internet: in fact this feature allows you only to get files from every your remote PC from the OneDrive site … but it is very simple to set and use!

The detailed description of this feature can be found in this page of the Microsoft Support site and in the following I will give you only few glimpses …

To let this feature possible, you first have to check the Allow to use OneDrive to fetch file from this PC in the Setting windows available right clicking on the OneDrive icon available in the toolbar:

Then, going on your OneDrive from a browser, clicking on the left menu to the PC item, you will find a list of all the PCs where you set the previous feature on (e.g. PC name: HP-Enzo)

If you  click on your computer name, only the first time you will be asked to access with an access code that can be sent to you  with one of several options:

Once received the security code and inserted it in that browser page, you can browse inside te folders of your PC, possibly downloading some files locally on the PC you are using or uploading them in your OneDrive, so they can be possibly edited with Office online. Note that you cannot delete files/folders but you can see their properties.


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