Programming maps in Windows 10 Universal app

In the following you can find some useful links related to programming maps in Windows Universal app.


Developer's Guide to Windows 10 Preview: (06) Maps  Developer’s Guide to Windows 10 Preview: (06) Maps (slide) [31 minuti, 23 secondi]


Bing Map V8 Control:  this library is only related to web development. The Map control for apps is, on the other hand, integrated into the Universal Windows Platform and it is not a further component: this implies that, it it will be updated, the new features will be directly included inside the new version of Windows 10 (like the Anniversary Update).

Related to the Joost’s library, even in the case of future upgrades, there should not be particular problems in continuing to use it, if the team doesn’t introduce unexpected breaking changes on that control: possibly it could be updated to support the new introduced features …




With the new MapControl available in UWP app it is possible to add a userControl as a Pin on the map with map.Children.Add : to attach it in a specific position (and not be shown on the top left corner) you have to set the following two attached properties: MapControl.SetLocation and MapControl.SetNormalizedAnchorPoint.



from  Joost van Schaik <>

1 “If you know, is there a way to have that branch linked in the GitHub client in order to make the synchronization simpler?”

I am not a Git hero either. I always use something called TortoiseGit for initially cloning a repo. Then I right-click the future parent directory of the repo

And get this popup. I check “Branch” and then the name

And I get the UWP branch on my disk. Visual studio will honor this further on.


2 “Nl.MapBindingDemo from the downloaded file.

I compiled all the projects available in the uap 10.0 directory (and then also the others, just in case), the references were solved … so Rebuild all 5 succeeded as you can see:”

Dear Enzo, I really wonder why the hell Visual Studio does this, I run in it all the time as well and it makes finding actual compile errors really hard. It helps a little to set the dropdown that I’ve marked with an error to “Build Only”

3 “Moreover, if I try to show pushpin, clicking on the Points menu item, they are shown like the following:


Nothing happens clicking on the other items menu (Lines, polygons, polygons [again??]) …. Any suggestions???”

R: Yeah, this is actually pretty easy. Whatever you do, after starting the app, FIRST hit the 3 dots all the way to the right. That will show a “show area” menu. Click this, and the app will zoom on an area near my home. And then the points, lines and polygons will show as they should.


Thank you for making me aware that I should  have explained this this in my blog in the first place.


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