Programming for Windows 10: useful links

In  the following there is a list of useful links for Windows 10 programming. You can have a look also to Windows Phone 8.1 – Some useful links for developing Windows “Universal Apps” and/or other posts related to Windows and/or to the post Template 10: useful information and links.

Tutorial Web


  • WireframeSketcher: mockup tool (stencil for different platform)
  • Fiddler: analyze and debug web traffic, compose HTTP requests.
  • Postman (Chrome add-on)
  • Wireshark: packet analyser
  • JSON Viewer: a standalone viewer (JsonView.exe), a plugin for Fiddler (FiddlerJsonViewer.dll)
  • JSON C# Class Generator: alternative to the embedded VS tool; it allows better control on generated code.
  • Syncfusion Metro Studio: collection of over 1700 FREE Metro-style icon templates that can be exported as vector or jpg (see also this video).
  • PerfecTile: Create Tiles, SplashScreen, Store, LockScreen Images for Windows Store Apps & Windows Phone Apps
  • MakeAppIcon: web edition of PerfectTile for iOS and Android






MSDN Magazine: Special Windows 10 Issue


Design & globalization/localization:








On-line courses (free):


Conferences video:








Others related:



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