How to change the default search engine in Microsoft Edge

The procedure to add (and possibly set as default) a  search engine other than Bing is, till now, not very friendly in Microsoft Edge. It is true that now Bing search engine is comparable with Google one (or may be others), but this is a preference that should be left to the final user.

Even if in the following I will explain how to change the default search engine, I suggest you to leave Bing as the default one for at least for some days, just to try out yourself if it is comparable or not with the most famous Google one. I did that test and my personal feeling is that there is no difference … and – always personally – I think that it is better a world with more big search engines available and used than a world having only one: the search engine more and more is the main way used to find sites and notices, so it is a possible way to filter as the owner want the information on Internet … So I decided to leave Bing as the default browser, possibly sometime changing it, just in case: but it happens very few times!! Anyway it is your choice …

If you go to Settings -> View advanced settings -> Search in the address barChange button, at the beginning you could not find a long list of possible search engines, possibly no one other than Bing. In fact, before you can find a specific one in that list, you should have visited that site (e.g. Google, Wikipedia (it), Wikipedia (en), Youtube) at least once from Edge, in order they can be “discovered(as said, between brackets, when they will be listed in the available search engines).

I know it is quite strange and I hope it will change in future releases … but for now that is, but it is also stated in the step-by-step Edge instructions (“Enter the search engine’s website and browse to it.“)!

Change the default search engine in Microsoft Edge

Change the default search engine in Microsoft Edge

An unanswered question is how to easily select a not default search engine to use for a specific search (so, after adding in the previous list more search engines and selected a default one): it seems to me that, till now, you have to change the default one every time (while in Internet Explorer it is possible to do that change simply clicking near the address field) …
… but we should remember that Edge browser is still improving its features (only with the last 10565 build it has introduced the drag & drop feature!), so we will see much more in the near future!!


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