How to give a feedback and suggestions and/or report a bug in Windows 10 and in Windows 10 Mobile

Do you have suggestions for Windows 10 / Windows 10 Mobile new features (or do you want to vote for some already inserted)? Go to Windows Community forums: Windows Feature Suggestions … future developments will take care of this end user requests!! And if you are an Insider you can use the specific Forum for Insiders.

Windows 10 was designed taking into account end users suggestions: at the first place there is the end user perceptive and this was the basis of the UI changes from Windows 8. Also now there is the possibility to give a feedback and/or report errors:

  • Very often there is a smiling face to give your feedback (or there is a specific voice in a menu, possibly a bottomAppBar, «Send feedback») (ex. Weather app, Internet Explorer; Edge).
  • From Start: Windows Feedback (always available and it cannot be uninstalled), Insider Hub (automatically installed when you agreed to be an Insiders).
  • Sometimes (at least for Insiders) a popup windows is shown asking for a feedback.

In Windows 10 Mobile too there is the Windows Feedback app available by default in the App’s list. However, the easiest way to send feedback to Microsoft is using an hardware keys to launch that app: by pressing the power key and volume down button at the same time, this will launch the Windows Feedback app. The benefit of doing it this way is that it will open the app directly to the focal area of the app where you launched Windows Feedback from and possibly have also included a screenshot of the current page where the error could be occurred. For example, if you were using the Windows Store app and you pressed the feedback button combination, it will open up the app directly to the Windows Store section, making it easier for you to look at relevant feedback content or submit your own if needed. Obviously, Windows Community forums can be used also for the Mobile version of Windows 10: Windows Feature Suggestions.

Feedback in Edge browser

Feedback in Edge browser

Feedback in Internet Explorer browser

Feedback in Internet Explorer browser

Feedback in Maps app

Feedback in Maps app

Send feedback from Photos app's Settings BottomAppBar

Send feedback from Photos app’s Settings BottomAppBar


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