Create an app for end-users and even for business without coding: Microsoft AppStudio, Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Project Siena (all Beta)

In the last few months, Microsoft released several tools that allow to create apps without coding, even for business and for any device (e.g. Windows 8 and Windows 10 devices, iPhone and iPad; support for Android devices will be available in the near future).

For end-user apps:

For business apps:

NOTA: i controlli usati da Windows App Studio sono resi disponibili nel progetto Windows App Studio Libraries su GitHub e quindi risultano utilizzabili anche in nostri progetti.


Update 18/4/2016 – See also the installer companion Windows App Studio Installer app  as explained in this article.


Update 4/5/2016 – Just released the PowerApps Preview to the public. This milestone launch brings major improvements – many the direct result of feedback from private preview users like you.

  • PowerApps Studio for Windows delivers improvements for creating apps from data, offers new form controls, contextual help, and a lot more.
  • PowerApps for iOS has new refined look-be sure to install the latest so you can use all of your apps, old and new.
  • PowerApps for Android is here! Get it and start using your apps right away.
  • PowerApps on the web is already updated and ready to go. You’ll notice a new home page with easy ways to get started, and you can now use apps in any web browser!

Learn more about the many improvements and new features in PowerApps, and see the new community site.

There is also the new Microsoft Flow, which you may recognize as a significant evolution of the Logic Flows feature in PowerApps. Now you can create flows that automate your notifications, sync files, capture data, handle approval workflows and more. Read more about what Microsoft Flow can do.


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