How to make your tripod head Manfrotto mod. 222 work again

I have the great tripod head Manfrotto mod. 222 since the 90s … it’s an ergonomic dream: it has rock-solid quick release plate and when you pull the trigger it frees the head for movement in any direction.

However, some days ago I tried to use it after many years and I realize that it seem not to well support anymore a camera because the grip does not lock sufficiently the head, neither having set the maximum strength with the wheel (red cursor at the bottom). I read that the new model  322 is a little lighter and rated for twice the load, but I could not understand why my 222 did not work anymore appropriately … while still predecessor 3265 head works! I supposed that some plastic part was broken, so I opened it unscrewing all screws … and then I realize that everything is well-made of metal parts, so it was only a matter of regulation and tighten of the ‘tension screw’ available on the opposite side of the grip (see next screenshot).

It was then hard to reassemble the whole, because there are many little things and two springs (4 hands are needed!!) so I suggest you to simply screw/unscrew that screw 😉 … in order to make the head work again properly: in fact the lock of the head is done simply applying the same strength on both sides (the screw one and the grip one).

This is the screw you need to adjust properly if the grip does not lock completely even setting the maximum strength with the wheel (red cursor at the bottom).


Very useful are the following links I found:

 STEP 1 This is the Bogen 3265/ Manfrotto 222
 STEP 2You start off by removing the 4 screws that hold the two halves together with an Alan wrench.
 STEP 3After you have removed the screws you will need to pry the 2 casings  apart with a flat head screwdriver anything flat that will not damage your head will work. NOTE Be sure to hold onto the plunger (See photo right hand holding on to plunger) If not held onto the plunger spring will shoot out very fast.
 STEP 4Here is what it should look after you have removed the casings.

The plunger and spring will come out easily the other pieces could give you a little trouble. (See next step)

The handle will more then likely fall out when you start to pry apart be careful not to lose the little golden stopper.

 STEP 5-1To Remove the tension wheel and spring place hand over spring if it has tension on the spring it will shoot out.  Get flat head screwdriver and slow pry off shouldn’t be that difficult. (See next step) 
STEP 5-2After we have removed the tension wheel and spring the other parts should lift out with ease.
 STEP 5-3Here we have all the parts of one the one side laid out.
 STEP 5-4When cleaning the ball DO NOT clean the silver piece on the right, only clean the ball and its casing only


 STEP 6-1When cleaning be sure to get into casing with wipe clean thoroughly.
 STEP 6-2 Do the same with ball
 STEP 7Notice how this nut is positioned when reassembled it will need to look just like this if not the head will not work right.

After it is positioned correctly test head by pulling on bottom if it moves you will need to tighten this nut slightly with a small Alan wrench.

For reassembly just follow the steps back being careful to make sure you have every piece back in place and the tension screw is facing the right way. I have found if when you need something to hold the Plunger and spring in the casing a non-elastic cloth wrapped around the casing to keep the plunger form shooting across the room is very helpful.



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8 risposte a How to make your tripod head Manfrotto mod. 222 work again

  1. Anonimo ha detto:

    Many thanks for posting this. It made the job of rejuvenating my 222 much, much easier.

    "Mi piace"

  2. Anonimo ha detto:

    Muchas gracias! me ayudo mucho!!!

    "Mi piace"

  3. Guido ha detto:

    Grazie 1000, è bastato serrare la vitina… stavo per riporlo dove è rimasto inutilizzato per anni.
    Adesso è perfetto! Grazie ancora.

    "Mi piace"

  4. Anonimo ha detto:

    thank you very much. It was very useful for me.!! My old manfrotto 222 start to work again!

    Piace a 1 persona

  5. I haven’t come across Your article until now nor had I studied anything online before taking mine apart. It took me about an hour to realize that the long spring goes behind the release lever while the shorter but stiffer one goes in the aretation column.
    Simply because I didn’t expect a community this large and helpful around the Manfrotto products. So I salute You!

    Piace a 1 persona

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