Affinity photo and Affinity Designer: valid alternatives to Adobe products (i.e Photoshop and Illustrator)

In the past I always used Adobe suite (e.g. Photoshop) to manage and retouching my pictures, but now I started to use the Affinity suite that seems very good too … and cheaper!

You can buy it even from the Microsoft Store (Affinity Photo; Affinity Designer) so you can always easily download it to any new PC you will own in the future too. I bought both the programs but, for the time being I started to use only Affinity Photo. and not yet the other vector graphic design software.

At the beginning you could be a little lost because the tools are sometime different from the ones you are used to find in Photoshop, but there are a lot of official and unofficial very nice video tutorials that can help you. You can find them both in YouTube and in Vimeo.
Moreover there is a nice forum where you can find the right answer to possibly your questions and even ask for more and you can also have a look and subscribe to their Facebook site.

If you login into your Affinty Account: Affinity site, you can both manage your account/products and access to tutorials/forums.

Finally, launching the program and looking into the popup Wellcome page, you can access to a page that allows you to download a free Macro Pack that comes with a QuickStart_Guide.pdf that explains how to impost in the program Macros, so also those ones.

If needed, but I don’t think so, there are also workbook that explain the tools … even though I think they are a bit too expensive, it could be worth to buy them (it is strange but you can find a better price on Amazon than from the Affinity site … no shipping costs!).

As stated here, the tutorial set includes a lot of information on every aspects:

Beginners Series




Selections and Masking



RAW Development

Getting Creative

Design Aids




HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Focus Merging (Focus Stacking)

Live Stacking

Live Projections (360 editing, perspective projection)


3D Render/Texture Work

Colour Management


Finishing Off



Bonus Content

Windows Workflow videos

In addition to the regular tutorials, we’ve also got some workflow videos shot on the Windows version of Photo that cover using a variety of features to edit an image to completion. These tend to be released on a more informal basis.



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