Several ways to insert emoticons into whatever application (e.g. Outlook email, Word document)

Sometime you should want to insert some specific emoticon in a document, an email or in whatever application input.
Actually emoticons are an easy and nice way to express a feeling or a mood and they could sometime be useful even in a business contest. Therefore we are so used to insert them in social applications (e.g. Whatsapp, Facebook) that we may get lost if we do not know how to insert some of them as an input of a PC application!

You know by sure that some sequence of characters are usually automatically converted in an emoticon [e.g. 🙂 becomes 🙂 as soon as you type the last character or you press the enter key] because, by default, it is set that kind of conversion: this is what happen, for example, in a Word document. However only few emoticon are available using that method even though you could insert some more automatic conversione keys.

So, how to insert whatever emoticon you want? There are several ways to do so with a Windows 10 PC.

The easiest way is to use the Touch Keyboard using its emoticon key in order to have all of them shown:
Possibly, if your PC is not set in Tablet mode, it is not shown that Touch Keyboard icon in the bottom toolbar. If so, to have it always shown even though your PC is not set in Tablet mode, you have to right click on whatever free area of the toolbar and check the Show touch keyboard button item in the shown popup menu:

One of that keyboard buttons is a smile face related to emoticons:

Clicking on that software key, several emoticon become available (note that even more are shown if you scroll inside each emoticon section).

For your convenience, last used emoticons, possibly the one you use more, can be shown from the section with the clock/time icon:

An alternative way to have emoticons be displayed is to press Windows key + . (alias the key with the Windows flag together with the point key of a real keyboard). The following popup window will appear, showing the same all emoticons:

A further way, even though more complex, is to find out and get emoticons among special symbol table (Insert -> Symbols -> More symbols…) available in Office applications (e.g. Word) menu:



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