Windows 10 Snipping Tool replaced by the better Snip & Sketch app

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After the last Windows 10 update, if you launch the Snipping Tool [IT: Strumento di cattura] desktop application, it is said that it will be replaced by the new Snip & Sketch [IT: Cattura e note] app.

The new app, that was already available to insiders some months ago, provides all the feature of the old desktop application and much more: you can capture, mark and share any image even selecting with every shape.


NOTE: Snipping Tool [IT: Strumento di cattura] desktop application still remain the only solution ( using a proper time delay) when you need to capture a temporary windows (e.g. a popup menu): in fact, if you try to make a capture of that type with the new Snip & Sketch [IT: Cattura e note] app, the temporary window desapear!


After you install the  Snip & Sketch [IT: Cattura e note] app, if you like, as an alternative to run from the listed installed app, you can launch with the shortcut Windows logo key + Shift + S

You can use a ruler to draw lines: the mouse wheel can be used to rotate it as you like:

There are three different drawing tools:

  • Ballpoint pen
  • Pencil
  • Highlighter

While with the ballpoint pen the stoke is predefined and you can only set the size and the color, with the pencil you can even mark the stroke more and more, re-writing it over: this allows you to better draw a painting, if you like. With the eraser you can then possibly delete each line.

Drawing as a pen or a pencil

A predefined set of colors can be chosen: unfortunately, for the time being, you cannot select whatever color you like from a color table:

There are available three different clipping way:

  • Rectangular clip
  • Freeform clip
  • Fullscreen clip

In particular, the freeform clip is very new and it allows you to capture an area in a very free way, as shown in the following:

Another feature, that was available also in the Snipping Tool, is the ability to delay capture, so you can take a screenshot of some pop-up windows. Very often setting that delay can be replaced launching the app with its shortcut (Windows logo key + Shift + S) while the popup window is on. However, that second method  does not work when Start/RightStart menu is on and you want to capture it too: in that case you have to open the tool first and set the delay capture feature before (i.e. New arrow, and select Capture after 3/10 seconds).

Capture 3/10 seconds delay setting

Even though, even from a Windows 10 Mobile device, you can find that app in the Store, and it is marked as available on PC, Mobile device and Hub (so possibly a Universal Windows app), unfortunately if you try to install it in a Lumia smartphone (e.g. Lumia 950xl) you will see that you cannot … and that app needs an updated Windows 10 S.O.

NO way to install it even thought it is marked as available also for a mobile device or a Hub


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