How to install (well known) programs that have the signature corrupted or invalid (e.g. TortoiseGit) … and how to easily use TortoiseGit!

Sometime it may happen that some well known application, like TortoiseGit, have their signature not in line with the security verification of Windows.

IF YOU ARE SURE THAT THE EXE FILE COMES FROM A SECURE SOURCE you can unblock it from the its properties window (right click on the filename from the File Explorer), checking the unblock checkbox in the available in General tab, as shown in the following:

Signature corrupted1 Signature corrupted2 Signature corrupted3


I had to clone a branch in a GitHub project (its uwp branch) and I couldn’t find a way to do that with the GitHub Desktop client I always used and so I used TortoiseGit that it is very similar to TortoiseSVN I  am using to access to SVN repositories …

I found it very nice and easy to be used and I suggest you: once installed just create a directory where you want to clone the GitHub project you are interested to, right click and select Git Clone… , insert the URL of the repository and possibly define the Branch you want and specify the Recursive checkbox in order to have all folders downloaded.



All the repository will be cloned locally in your directory:


Every time you will want to have it synchronized, you can right click on that folder and select Git Sync…


Then, if you only want to download possible new changes/upgrade available in the remote repository, you have to click on the Pull button. That’s all!!



An easy & quick guide how to use GIT cn be found in GIT – la guida tascabile and My Git Workflow  where I found this useful picture:

commit: adding changes to the local repository

push: to transfer the last commit(s) to a remote server

pull: to get the last commit(s) from a remote server




Inside an intranet,  the connection to a GitHub repository and its pull/push features could not done because of some  possible firewall configurations (e.g. as in my firm intranet): so if you experiment problems in the synchronization, please try a direct Internet connection! 😉


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