How to make work a program that is not cooperating with Windows 10: compatibility mode installation

It may happen that an old program did not cooperate well with Windows 10. However there are several possible trials you can do to try to make it work anyway!

First of all be sure you are installing the latest version of that program and you have also Windows 10 with the latest updates  (please check with Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Update).

If so, and you have still problems, try to install that software in compatibility mode (after having uninstalled it, going in Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs & functionalities). To do it, follows the following steps:

  1. Right click on the setup file of that software and select “Properties”.
  2. Select “Compatibility” tab.
  3. Place a check mark next to “Run this program in Compatibility mode” and select one of the old operating systems from the drop down list (e.g. Windows 7).
  4. Let the software install and then check its functionality.

You can try do the same “compatibility” setting with the program execution file itself and not only with its setup file.

Select Compatibility mode in the setup file properties and choose among the listed old Windows versions

You can also try to let Windows 10 decide which setting set, clicking on the proper button and then let Windows 10 decide:

Let Windows 10 decide the proper settings (1)

If the program, you have problems installing in Windows 10, is Dragon Naturally Speaking 13, you can follows also some suggestions from this post. Basically it suggests, with the latest version of that SW, instead to turn-off the Compatibility mode and possibly don’t run natspesk.exe as administrator: possibly restart the PC. Moreover the use of a USB headphone may solve some issues … Finally, you can find more to solve issues about Dragon Dictate issues on the site. It seems that for a full support of Windows 10 (even with tablet mode and touchscreen support) it is needed the version 15 edition, available in Dragon Professional Individual (even for Italian and not only English that it is also supported together, since march 2016; see below its new features) and other high cost specific profession releases. For further questions, you can also contact Nuance support people from this site, and in particular form this support page of where you can send your question if you have not found an answer from its FAQ page.

New features in version 15 (see also nuance official site page):

  • Optimization for popular touchscreen PCs
  • Formatting and other recognition improvements to minimize post-editing
  • Simplified set up and improved user interface
  • Enhanced support for recorded audio transcription, with streamlined setup and improved profile management
  • Expanded support, including full voice-driven editing, formatting, and command and control within popular desktop or web applications for business
  • Contextual guidance tailored to user behavior, as well as improved help to get new users up to speed quickly or for existing users to easily further discover the power of Dragon.

Possibly uncheck Compatibility mode and Run as administrator


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