How to update Adobe Premiere/Photoshop to a minor release

It may happen that stating an Adobe desktop program, it notifies that there is an update. However even though you agree to install it, that notification continue to appear every time …

If you look at the program version you will notice that no update was really installed, even though a succede popup appeared!! In fact, something wrong happened and the update was not really installed and the solution is to download and install the last Adobe Application Manager that can be found at this link.

After installing it, you have to launch the Adobe desktop application and then going to the Help section of its top menu, choose the Update… voice.

The Adobe Application Manager will be activated and it will propose possible new free updates that can be installed!!

PS: Unfortunately, if you have an Adobe Photoshop Express 15 bought from the Microsoft Store, you will not have that Update voice in the Help menu and so you will not be able to get any update from there In fact Adobe should load that new update in the Microsoft Store so it could be automatically updated … and you should hope that they will 😦



Another problem that I had with some video (even mp4 ones) is the rotation: in fact, even though in the editor the rotation is done and available playing it, once the rendering is done in a output file, only the voice is mantained on a black video!!

If you also have that problem with some few specific files, you can try using (instead of Adobe Premiere Elements 2021) AVS Video Editor to do that rotation (e.g. 90 degree) or VLC Media Player. Then, after having that part of video rotated, you can import it in the Adobe Premiere Elements project.

AVS Video Editor: Video effects -> Transform -> Rotate -> right click on rotate line and choose Edit effect then choosing the appropriate rotation

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