Windows 10 – What to do if keypad and keyboard get disabled and how to disable the embedded touch mouse everytime an external one is used

Unfortunately it may happen that both the keyboard and the mouse become inactive on your PC.
It happened to me some days ago, possibly because I accidentally pressed some keys on the keyboard (I do not know what that sequence is … but that is not the matter of this post 🙂  that set the PC in a configuration for impaired people that could not use the mouse and the keyboard to interact with the PC … but the new way of interaction it is hard to be learned for a tipical PC user!!

On my HP portable PC, a little orange led switched on in the embedded touch mouse … that started to not respond anymore!  😦

An orange led switched on in the embedded touch mouse that stop to work

Therefore, how to let the PC be configured as it was before?

No way even after a logout or restart …

A possible solution is to press windows key + X and select device manager. Here there is a mouse section: click on it and enable/disable it. Then go to keyboard section and enable/disable it. Use the tab key or the arrows keys to move from one item to the next/previous one.

Another way is to press Fn+F7 simultaneously but not all laptop offer this keyboard shortcut. You can also look for Touchpad icon in notification area and double click the icon to disable your touchpad.


Sometime you should want to disable the embedded PC touch mouse every time you are using an external mouse (USB or Bluetooth one). Note that in Windows 10, if you go to All Settings/Devices/Mouse -> Additional Mouse Options to have the Mouse Properties popup window available: be careful that this popup window could comes up behind main window!

Here you can find both Disable and Enable buttons: possibly you have to click on the Enable one to have the internal pointing device work again!
Moreover you can notice also a check box to turn off touch pad when an externa USB pointing device (e.g. a mouse) is attached. This is a permanent turning it off every time you reboot if you have a USB mouse attached, while just disabling it will only work until you shutdown your computer.

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