Tips about solving problems in submitting data in a form

Very often you are asked to insert data in a forms to send some data to a site, possibly to register yourself somewhere or to buy something or to declare something.

Unfortunately not all sites are done in the proper way in order to show whatever input error the user can do providing the requested information. Too often most of the possible input errors are handled by a global try & catch clause that shows the user a generic error due to a generic problem encountered … and that does not help at all to understand what you should do to finally have that form submitted!!
For more, too often that generic error message shows a wrong cause that let the user try again and again without no success.
That was the case of the form set by Fujifilm in its Fujifilm connect site, that a user have to fill in order to claim a cashback for having bought some professional Fujifilm lenses. In that form you have to put some information like your personal data, the date of purchase, upload both the receipt and a photo of the serial number of the bought lens.
I did it but I always received, submitting the form, the following error: “The system is unavailable! Try again!“.

Generic (and wrong) cause error when I submitted the form data

I inserted all the mandatory fields (stressed by the * symbol), loaded all the requested files and checked all the agreement they requested from me. Supposing that the shown error was not the right one, I even tried both to use the date icon to set the purchase date, in order the format of the inserted date would be set as they would like, and to save the photo of the serial number on the lens as a low quality/size file. No way to get that form submitted!!

All mandatory fields were inserted

The data was inserted using the data icon in order to be sure that the format was the one they expected. All the requested files to be uploaded set.

Finally the problem was in the file name of some of the files I had to upload (for that SW they were possibly too long or with blank characters: WP_20190306_21_46_49_Pro_low.jpg , Invoice Fujifilm Fujinon XF 100-400mm CONTINI ENZO.pdf): in fact, when I set their name as simpler as possible (e.g. file1.jpg, receipt.pdf) the submission worked fine!!! Therefore the error The system is unavailable! Try again!” was a completely misleading indication …


Therefore, if you get some error in submitting a form in a site, whatever error is shown to you on the screen, do not believe that necessarily that is the real cause of the problem and try the following:

  • Check to have inserted all the mandatory fields (usually stressed by the * symbol)
  • Check to have checked all the agreements they request
  • Use the possible available date icon to set a date, in order to be sure its format is the one they want (e.g. DD/MM/YYYY)
  • If there are files to be uploaded, please
    • let them be at a low size (e.g. less than 500Kb) possibly using an image editor,
    • let their name be as simpler a possible (few chars, no special characters or spaces),
    • try also to have them with a different file extension (e.g. doc, pdf, jpg).

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