How to add panorama feature (and other ones) to the embedded Samsung Camera app

I have got a Galaxy A7 smartphone (currently Android version) and it is my first Samsung phone. Having had only Lumia smartphones before, I was surprised that it was not available, in the embedded Camera app, any Panorama feature.

Therefore I search in the Play Store some app that gives this feature but I did not find any good for me for free: some of them even ask for a monthly subscription … even though they also offer storage feature in a cloud … but it was not what I wanted!

Then I realize that there are several features not enabled by default and that you can have going deep into the setting section of the Samsung Camera app: one of those features is the panorama photo shoot!
Because you have to go into an internal section of the setting area (3 steps inside!!) and possibly you too didn’t realize the existence of this important section, in the following I show how to reach it step by step: setting icon -> Camera mode -> Change mode (IT: icona Impostazioni -> Modalità fotocamera -> Modifica modalità].

Personally, I think the Samsung Camera app is a tipical example of bad menu design

Note that there are several interesting modes, other than the Panorama one, that can be enabled in order to be seen them in the bottom of the screen, as soon as the app is running, among the Video and Photo mode (e.g. Slow motion, Hyperlapse, Live focus).



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