Adobe Premiere Elements: what to do if the rendered video gets longer than it should be

It happened to me that a multi-track timeline, I’m working on, went from being the 33 minutes, in which it actually contains video/audio clips, to more than one hour long. What I did was to add a soundtrack (of just about an hour!) and then I cut and delete its part that exceeded the video. In most cases the problem is due to a very little track remained, so it is convenient to try to publish and see the minute: second it ends and then go in the timeline at that point and zoom out as much as possible to find the little track (video and/or audio) still there that must be deleted. This procedure could be repeated several time if the rendered video still remain longer than expected. 🙂

Anyway even though I had checked that the gray part of the timeline was exactly till the end of the video and no additional clips there were after that time on whatever track, the video continued both in editing mode and even when finalized in a video file!! In fact, even in the publish & share window the specified duration was more than an hour …..

What I did to solve that problem, was somewhere to refresh the state of the editor zooming out completely the timeline (even to be sure that there wasn’t another clip on another track somewhere!). Magically, already in the publish & share window, the specified duration becomes really the video length one and also the finalized video was! Really there was no stray clip, but it seems that the program thought there still was after I removed the exceeding part of the soundtrack …


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