Windows 10 & Windows 10 Mobile: useful links to do the update, throubleshooting … and to know it better :-)

PS: if you want to update your Window 7/8/8.1 PC to Windows 10, you can still do it (legally) following the instructions available in this post of WindowsBlogItalia:



In the following you will find some useful link to download and install Windows 10. Then you can find also blogs and more tips & tricks.


Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 8.1 can be updated  free to Windows 10 Home;

Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 8.1 Pro can be updated  free to Windows 10 Pro;

Are excluded from a free update only di Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows 8.x Enterprise (typically for a corporate use)

No update for Windows RT [tablet like Surface 1/2, because of their ARM architecture of the processor]: may be a UI update will be available (as it happened for Windows Phone 7), but there will be no way to run the new Universal Apps because they use the new Windows 10 API.

See also Windows 10 editions.

After updating to Windows 10, after you verify that every thing is OK (so, possibly after some days …) remember to run the Disk Cleanup -> Clean up System Files – Previous Windows Installations,  in order to delete the old Windows version that was saved during the installation process: a detailed explanation can be found in this previous post I wrote times ago about the update to Windows 8 from Windows 7 … but it still valid now for upgrading to Windows 10. Anyway be careful that the previous operation could be dangerous if then problems occurs, and it is not reversible: even if you have some SO upgrade ongoing (waiting to be done, scheduled), I suggest you to wait, otherwise you could to have to setup the PC at the initial state.
Moreover, always have a look to the C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\ClickToRun directory and possibly delete some files as shown in the following figure (taken after the installation of Office 2016): that folder contains files downloaded in the last months, so you have to mantain only the folders UserData, MachineData and the configuration file DeploymentConfig … and delete all the rest (see this link for more info in italian)!
NOTE that even after a major update of Windows 10 (at least if you are a Windows Insider so you install a pre-release), the old version of the SO is always saved in C:\Windows.old , so if you need space and after verifying that everything is fine, you can do that same procedure (you cannot delete it from the File Explorer).

Windows.old -> only for backup

Windows.old -> only for backup

Downloaded files that can be deleted

Downloaded files (after Office 2016 installation) that can be deleted



Method 1:
Let’s run the app troubleshooter and check if it helps.
App Troubleshooter

Method 2:
If the issue persists, I would suggest you to try the steps in the article and check if it helps.

Troubleshoot problems with an app


Ten reasons to upgrade to Windows 10:

  1. Familiarity in Windows 10
  2. Do personal things with Cortana on Windows 10
  3. Do unexpected things with Microsoft Edge
  4. Game Epically on Windows 10
  5. Do multiple things at once with Windows 10
  6. Security in Windows 10
  7. Say “Hello” to Windows Hello on Windows 10
  8. A look at the great built-in apps in Windows 10
  9. Continuum on Windows 10
  10. Do one-stop shopping with the new Windows Store
  11. WindowsBlogItalia: Guide, trucchi, modding, download, app e tutti i migliori articoli su Windows 10 Mobile

To be a Windows Insider and receive previews of new features: Windows Insider – Official Site (note that you have to agree to be Insider form that site and then you have to set appropriately the Settings/Windows Update- Advanced Options – be careful that to do so you must be logged with your Microsoft account user having administrator rights otherwise the Build Insider section is not available).

Build Insider section in the Advanced Options of Settings/Windows Update

Build Insider section in the Advanced Options of Settings/Windows Update


Windows 10 Tips:


As usual after a SO update, after having verified that everything is all right (so you do not need to do a rollback of your new installation), it is convenient to launch the Disk Cleanup [Control Panel\System and Security\Administrative Tools], clicking on the Cleanup system files button (admin authentication is needed) and then checking

Search for drivers on your PC manufacturer site because sometimes it could happen that the automatic search of Windows fails for some device: for example, I had to download and install the updated driver for the SD reader device from the HP site for my HP Elitebook 8570w (drivers; MyPC serialNumber) because after the updating to Windows 10 it did not work anymore.

Very useful was also the HP SoftPaq Download Manager that provides an easy way to update that PC SW/drivers. Some times some drivers could not be available in the Windows 10 section (e.g. finger recognition): if so, you can try to install the one provided for the nearest previous version of SO (i.e. Windows 8.1, 8, 7).







Feedback and suggestions:

See How to give a feedback and suggestions and/or report a bug in Windows 10 and in Windows 10 Mobile


Windows 10 Mobile specific:

Guida facile per sbrandizzare, resuscitare e fare downgrade di Lumia 950, 950 XL e 550






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