What to do if your Outlook hangs at processing screen when launched

After the last Windows 10 preview update as insider, I fallen into a problem: my Outlook 2016, when launched, froze into the initial process screen … no way to make it work even after a PC reboot or whatever! It looks like outlook data file get corrupted.

Outlook 2016 hangs at the starting screen, continuing processing ...

Outlook 2016 hangs at the starting screen, continuing Processing …

Finally I find the following “simple” solution that let Outlook start properly again as usual without fiddling around with profiles, that is manually running outlook in safe mode. To do so, you must open the Run windows (right click on start windows icon and select Run) and then execute outlook.exe /safe (remenber to let a space before the /safe option). When prompted to ‘Choose a Profile’, click OK choosing the default one and then Outlook will open and it appears to repair by its own and your account will be accessed again.  Even after a restart it worked normally showing that the problem was fixed 😉

outlook5 outlook4

You could try also to manually browse the location of Data File (e.g. C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook and rename the outlook data file: no need to delete the profile because only data file needs to be recreated. After that you can restart Outlook 2016 and , it should set up the profile automatically again.

You can eve have a look to your emails accounts settings going into the proper section in the Control Panel:

outlook2 outlook3

… anyway the first solution I suggested is the simpler one.


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