How to register a new Windows 10 PC/tablet and a Windows 10 Mobile smartphone for reading Kindle eBooks

Sometime it is useful to have access to your Kindle library also from a Windows 10 PC/tablet or a Windows 10 Mobile smartphone: this post give you the useful information how to register a new Windows device in order to use it for reading your eBooks 😉

Unfortunately Amazon have not developed a UWP app for Windows 10 so currently in the Microsoft Store there is only an app (an old one) that can be installed only on Windows Phone 8/8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile devices. It is really a pity! Moreover, as you may experimented, the login on the smartphone app is not so easy as it should be and at least a new release of the app should be provided by Amazon!

If you want to have access to your Kindle library and read some of your purchased eBooks from your Windows 10 tablet/PC, you will not find now any app in the Windows Store and you have to install a desktop application (that could be easily converted to an app, as already some others did – e.g. Adobe Photoshop – … note that some years ago there was an app, as you can see from this post dated 2012: I hope that Amazon will do the proper work!), currently with the installer KindleForPC-installer-1.20.47037.exe: you can download it from an Amazon site page. You can find detailed instructions for example here.

If you want instead to have access to your Kindle library and read some of your purchased eBooks from your Windows 10 Mobile device, you have to download the Amazon Kindle app (available only for mobile devices).

Windows 10 Mobile app

When you launch that app, you are requested to insert your Amazon credentials, but even if you insert the right ones, it is displayed “The email address or password you typed isn’t recognized. Try again“. If you try to insert again and again that credentials you will always receive the same error, even though you inserted the right credentials!! This is because Amazon have now a new procedure (for a smartphone … it seems not for a PC/tablet) to be sure that the user that is registering a new device is really the owner of the inserted email: therefore currently it sends a temporary code by email that must be inserted as password in that authentication form (instead of the permanent password of your Amazon account!).
It should be mainly a matter of changing the displayed error reason … but even this little update of the app is not done by the great Amazon (yet?)


Login to Amazon

Login failed (a wrong reason is  displayed!)

Email from Amazon with the code to be inserted (instead of your Amazon password)



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