Tips & tricks to solve possible problems related to Windows 10 (e.g. File Explorer does not refresh automatically anymore)

Windows 10 is a wonderful operating system … but it may happens some times that it gives you some headaches!
In this post I will insert some tips & tricks related to issues I experimented using it and that I found a solution … that could be useful to you too.

You will see that for many the solution  is very simple, possibly only to set the program/feature, that does not work properly, to its default settings because possibly some of them are possibly the reason of the problem. 😉

Therefore it is an ongoing post that will be include more and more issues …


File Explorer does not refresh automatically

It may happen that if you delete a file in File Explorer, it is still displayed but, if you try to delete it again, it is displayed that it cannot be deleted because it is no more available. In that case, to have its name no more listed in File Explorer, you need to force a refresh (e.g. going in an other directory and then go back to that previous explored one) … but that procedure is very annoying!!

As it happens in most cases, the easiest solution is to set the program/feature to its default settings.
Therefore in this case, search with Cortana “File Explorer Options” and open that section available in the Control Panel. Then click on the Restore Defaults button on both the General and Views tabs sections.
After having tested that now every new opened File Explorer works properly, you can possibly set again some options that you prefer to change from the default settings (e.g. Show hidden files, folders and drives; do not Hide extensions for known types).


Adding a New tab in Internet Explorer browser makes that new page continuously refresh

It happened to me that I could not even write something in the search input available in the default New tab page, because that page continuously refresh itself!

Once again, the easiest solution is to reset the program that does not work properly:

therefore from Tools wheel go to Internet options and then in the Advanced tab click in the Reset… button



It may happen that time to time a blue dump occur: do not worry … in most cases there is a easy solution possibly going to change something with a temporary boot in safe mode.

I find someone saying that possibly a change in the settings of power plan in Control Panel/Hardware and Sound/Power Options turning off power saving … may be, but for me the solution was to delete all the drivers I found with some yellow alert triangle in the Device Manager available from the Control Panel. You can search it directly from the find feature od Cortana,
Then right clicking on each device that does not work properly (yellow alert icon) you can first try to update its driver (Update driver menu item) and, if it is already the last available one (as it happened to me) you can uninstall it (Uninstall device menu item). If really needed, Windows itself will install it again automatically!



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