How to read a Kindle eBook everywhere even on an old iPad Air (e.g. A1460) that does not support iOS 11.0 (so Kindle app cannot be no more installed)

Sometime it is useful to read an ebook not on a Kindle device but on a PC/tablet, possibly because it is a coloured comics or you need to project it somewhere,

I tried to download and install the Amazon Kindle app in a five years old iPad Air (A1460 model) and, with my surprise, the following message appears: “This article requires iOS 11.0 or higher version. You need to update to iOS 11.0 to download this article“.

In the Apple Store there is no more a Kindle app compatible with an iOS version less than 11.0

Unfortuntely, that iPad cannot be updated to the 11 iOS release but only to the previous 10.x.x sub release one … and in the Apple Store there are no more a Kindle app compatible with that previous iOS version!!!

I even tried to contact the kind Amazon customer service to ask how to install a Kindle app that can be compatible with my iPad, and they confirm that the App Store one is the only app now available ….

I think it is very absurd that old releases of an app like that, even though with fewer features, are no more available on a Store, so maintaining the possibility of its use for old devices!! 😦

Therefore, to be able anyway to read an eBook on that iPad, the only way is to use the web reader version, the Kindle Cloud Reader, compatible for every browser. The English version is on but there are even national versions (e.g. site for Italian users).

English version on site

Italian version on site

In the Amazon site it is stated that “Kindle Cloud Reader is compatible with the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome 20 and higher.
  • Mozilla Firefox 10 and higher.
  • Safari 5 and higher on Mac OS X/iOS 5 or newer.
  • Internet Explorer 10.

However, I am using Edge browser and it works very well even on that not mentioned browser!

Kindle Cloud Reader works on every browser, also in Edge

You can find more information on this reader, compatible with most browsers, from this article, where are explained its main features, like the off-line reading one.



I do not know if it is possible in the Apple environment, but in the Android one you can extract the installation program (i.e. the .apk) of an app installed on a device so it can be then installed also on another one. So, if you know someone that have an older release of the app installed on one of his devices, you can manage to install it even in your old one 🙂





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