How to add an email read receipt in Gmail and in Outlook email client

I always used the “Request a Read Receipt” option available in Outlook whenever I liked to know if the receiver read an email I sent him. Really he always could refuse to send that notification to me (so he could have read it even if I did not receive that notification)  … but this featyre can be useful for having a read acknowledge for both sender and receiver!

Note that in the Outlook email client you can configure whatever emails (one or more) not only live or outlook ones but also from other email server, like Gmail.

There is also a similar feature accessing Gmail from the browser as one of the more options settings, but this feature is not available for users, so the free ones, as explained in a Gmail help page:

However there are several add-on you can install to Chrome or from Gmail in order you can track your sent email. Note since now, that all require you to allow their access to your Gmail account, so you have to trust in the one you install!

I tried two of those add-on, one from the Gmail options and one from the Chrome add-on.

From the Gmail site you can go to Settings -> Add-ons , then click on Get add-on. Here uyou can find several add-on that give you that feature: I tried mailtrack and in the following you can find some screenshots to help in the rquired installation procedure:

NOTE that you are asked to give a complete access to your Gmail account to do its job:

There is a free option that gives the feature you possible want … that is a simple read notification:

Whenever you compose a new email, there is now something new at the bottom:

At the receiver side there seems to be no way to not send a notification to the sender, as it allows Outlook client, and I think this could irritate the reader …

The sender then can even see, even with the free version, how many time the receiver read that email and when he read it the first time:


Finally, it is worth to install one of those plug-in? May be yes, but you have to remember that the one you choose have a complete access to your emails and the privacy conditions should be read carefully before agree!!

Personally I preferred to disinstall them and revoke theire access from the Security section of my Google accont: for me it is fine and safer to use the Outlook embedded feature I showed before!!

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