How to get a short URL for an article on your WordPress blog even if you are using the block editor

Sometimes it is useful to use a short URL to link to a post of your blog, possibly to share it in a message or in other sites.

This is a feature of the Jackpack plugin that is anyway partially embedded even in free/cheap subscriptions plans on

If you are using the classic editor, you can find the short link button on the editing page of the article itself:

In the classical editor the shortlink of the article can be easily found when you are editing page

However, where is that shortcut if you open an article with the block editor, much more flexible and useful than the classic one?
One can say: open it with the classical editor if you want that short link! But while trying to follow the procedure, an alert pop-up message says: “This article was previously edited in the Block Editor. You can continue in the classic editor, but you may lose data and formatting“.

If you look into the Article tab available in the block editor, you can only find its permalink and not its short link

Only the article permalink is available in the Article tab

Anyway, even though it is not so visible, you can get that Jackpack feature even if you open the article with the block editor. 🙂
You have to simply click to the upper-right Jackpad icon and look into its shortlink section:

Click on the Jackpack icon to find the shortlink section




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