Install Windows 10 on an old Olibook P1500 and make it work properly

I had an old (2009) Olibook P1500 with Windows 7. In the following, I will give some advice to those who wants to upgrade it to Windows 10.

First of all, I want to stress that no Windows 10 driver is provided by Olivetti: in the support page newest ones are related to Windows 7, so not even for Windows 8 (that could be possibly compatible with Windows 10 too)! Therefore it is useless to search for any help from that Olivetti site … that moreover is very, very slow!!!

I tried to install anyway Windows 10 in that Olibook P1500 as it was, that is with its 250G HD. The installation succeeded, even though some generic drivers were chosen by the O.S.: however, the performance was horrible and it was nearly unusable!!

Then I bought a 500GB SSD (for less than 90€): I easily changed the HD  because, from below, you can access it simply unscrewing four screws. Then performances become more than acceptable!

If you need the PC manual (e.g. for understanding how to activate Wi-Fi or Bluetooth), you can go here (**).

Note: use Edge to navigate that site because I’ve experienced problems using Chrome even though it is really strange!

Finally, if you have some problem in updating Windows 10 to the newest version, you can see those links:




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