How to remove all carriage return from a text file

Sometime you may want to remove all the return  (CR LF characters) from a text file, for example a .csv file.

This can be done in many ways but an easy one is the following, using the free Notepad++ editor that can be downloaded from its site. It is not so good as UltraEdit but it is free!!

You can use its Find -> Replace… menu item and the put as

  • Find:        [^|\n\r]\R 

and as

  • Substitute with:     \1
  • Check Regular expression and possibly the other checkBox as shown in the following screenshot.
  • Click on Replace All button

The provided regular expression matches OS-linebreaks (\R) that are not (^) preceded by a | or \r or \n so it should work with any EOL convention.

You may have to click on Replace all button more times, till all the text will be on one single line:


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