Windows 10: a further option to project a screen of an external device on your PC when both connected to the same WiFi

I already wrote some posts related to how showing a Windows 10 Mobile device screen on an external display using Continuum and the Microsoft Display Dock or with a wireless connection using  Miracast. I  also show in another post how to see, on an external display, the phone screen as it is.

A further option (among many!) is the one explained in the following using a function available in Setting -> System -> Project in this PC: howeer it works only if both devices (e.g. PC and smartphone) are connected to the same WiFi.

It is sufficient to

  • set the proper settings depending of your needs (see the following screenshots),
  • click on Connect in the Notification Centre,
  • select the Project in this PC link available at the bottom,
  • select the proper device you want to show,
  • agree  that device that you want its screen to be projected.

Alternatively you can ask the connection from the external device (e.g. from the Lumia 950XL smartphone ask the connection to a PC – e.g. SurfaceEnzoLab in the screenshots) and then agree, on the popup that will appear on the PC,  that the screen of that device will be projected on that PC.

Connect tile in the Notification Center

Connect tile in the Notification Center

Project in this PC options

Project in this PC options


Consent popup on the smartphone

The result is nearly the same when using a Continuum connection, even thought the performance are not the same … but it should be a solution when some delay in the definition of the displayed image can be acceptable!


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