How to start OneDrive manually

I already wrote some posts about OneDrive and it new functionalities available by default to all Windows 10 users, and may be you could be interested in some of them ( How to configure OneDrive in Windows 10Windows 10 Fall Creator: nuova funzionalità di Files on-demand (ex placeholder) in OneDrive [anche per OneDrive for Business e documenti su SharePoint]). In this post I am going to provide a new tip!

Usually the OneDrive agent is configured to start at the startup of the O.S. but possibly you could uncheck this feature from the Settings section of the setting windows, available right clicking on the toolbar OneDrive icon, because you do not need to have it running in background every  time.

Possibly you want to uncheck the option to run OneDrive agent at the startup

Moreover it may happens that agent crashes, possibly because of authentication problems that may happens if you are using your PC behind a firewall: in this case an alert popup windows appear and then the OneDrive icon will disappear from the taskbar, because that agent died.

In these cases you should want to start that OneDrive agent manually.

If you try to find how to do searching OneDrive with the Cortana search feature, you do not find so much help because it gives only some links to the app installer, possibly older than the version you have, …  but no way to start the OneDrive agent.

Searching with Cortana does not help

Clicking on the found result, simply start the installation of an old version of the OneDrive app:

It starts only the installation of an old version of the OneDrive app


Instead, what you have to do is to run the following instruction from the Run window that can be opened right clicking on the Windows icon of the toolbar and choosing the Run menu item:


Run the instruction %localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\OneDrive.exe


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